Nanopir4s ethernet configuration

Hi all, I'm super newbie to this stuff, I bought a Nanopi r4s as I figured out I have some bufferbloat... I installed openwrt on it and had it working with my one pc attached. However, when I try to connect it to the network switch and everything else to the network switch I lose internet on all wired devices. The network and internet settings on my pc (and other pc''s) say I'm connected but I cannot browse the web. I also tried going to the default openwrt IP of and it cannot load so it seems that I'm not even connected to the nanopi. Ethernet config is below. Please remember that I'm super newbie to this stuff so I might need ELI5 when trying to help.

Cable modem ->WAN port Nanopi; Lan port of Nanopi -> network switch; All PC's plugged into network switch

The physical link is up because your computer is connected to the ethernet switch.

What IP address does your computer show on the ethernet interface?

Sorry, like I said pretty newbie here. Ethernet interface of what exactly? like when i do an ipconfig in command prompt?

ethernet interface of your computer.... if you're on windows IIRC you can get the info by looking at ipconfig, or on mac/linux it would be ifconfig. Or look at the GUI for the network settings if you want.

ok give me a few minutes to set it back up, before I do, it also might be worth noting that I have a declink mesh system also plugged into the ethernet switch. Not sure that would cause any issues but figured it might be worth mentioning

Yeah, that might cause issues.... you need to make sure that there are no other DHCP servers connected to your network (typically the DHCP server is integrated into the router). Beyond that, you need to renew your DHCP lease -- the easiest way to do this is to simply unplug the ethernet cable from your computer and plug it back in again.

So what would I need to do in order to keep my mesh system running? as we have wireless security cameras and they won't reach the wifi without the mesh.

You need to set them up as dumb APs. The same concepts apply for all wifi devices, provided you have access to the relevant settings. Some mesh systems won't work in mesh in a dumb AP/bridge, which will complicate your situation.

It might be a good idea to back up and ask these two things:

  1. What do you hope to achieve with your new OpenWrt router? Why do you want this instead of what you've been using?
  2. Can you show us your network topology (a photo of a sketch on paper is fine) and provide information about what brand/model devices you are using. Make it clear what is wired and what is wireless.

Will look into setting them up as dumb APs

I'll answer question 1 right now and 2 in a few minutes.

Our internet speeds are currently 500 mbps down / 10 mbps up. Well we have 3 pc's that all do heavy gaming as well as multiple wifi devices streaming at any given time. We were randomly getting pretty bad ping spikes i did some research and did bufferbloat test in which we got an F. I learned about openwrt and sqm. I found an old router installed openwrt on it and it helped with the ping spikes (got an A on bufferbloat test) but because it is an older device we were throttled on speeds down to around 80mbps. So i ordered a nanopi r4s to try to basically do the same thing and replace the older router and am running into this issue of the wired pc's not beinf able to access the internet

Ok. So the key thing is to make sure your network topology will work properly with your APs in a dumb AP/bridge mode. If you can do that, the rest should be pretty straight forward.