NanoPi R6S vs. N100 with i226 LAN


*cough* pay attention to my replies in that thread

The releases page I linked has images based on lts and also newer kernels.

Regarding WiFi I already have 2 x Linksys MX5501 - Dual-Band AX5400 Mesh WiFi 6

They have 2.5GbE port which is great... WiFi6 is more than I need for smartphones and 1 Windows tablet and bunch of smart home devices.

I don't use WiFi for other than mentioned above devices.

So... what I need is ethernet router and nothing else. Also router will be in place which is not great for WiFi AP device and this was the point to split the router from WiFi AP and also not use router as a switch.

I have:

cable modem - ethernet router - switch (actually 6 of them) - WiFi AP

Thanks for answer. I did read whole thread.

Yes... Banana Pi R4 is interesting device... but with plenty of things which I will never use.

What I don't like is no direct 2.5GbE ports but SFP instead. I also don't need 4x1GbE ports as I will not use router as switch.

I made my decision after weeks of reading things and thinking.

After all it is only ethernet router and I will keep current one NUC N3700 as backup.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who helped me by answering my questions.

I don't want to buy some random N100 mini pc from aliexpress... then Odroid H4+ is what I would trust moreas a brand... but the price and postage is too high.

Also I want something which will work without fan.

I was always fan of x86 mini PC and never tried anything based on ARM.

So... now is the time to try and have fun with one.

I just placed order for NanoPi R6S.

Before I will make it my new ethernet router I will check how it works on Linux, Android and how it deal with multimedia.

This will improve my experience with ARM.

Then will install community build OpenWrt 23.05.3 and will wait until official build will be made.

BTW... do I need RTC battery for NanoPi R6S when running OpenWrt ?

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How do you install this community OpenWrt?

Do you run it from microSD card or install on internal storage of R6S?

Looks like a device with lots of potential!
Keep an eye on for official support I would say

It is...

I believe it is only the matter of time when R6S will get official version of OpenWrt.

The only thing I don't know... how long it will be.

I would say... around 1 year.

I have no clue either how long this will take - but 1 year seems (wishful) realistic for a snapshot build

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My R6S came with FriendlyWRT out of the box, I simply used its webinterface to flash the community sysupgrade file, which flashes it to internal storage.

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Thanks for info.

I will try it... after parcel with my R6S will be delivered to me.

'Require', no - but a battery-backed rtc is a great feature, as it solves a lot of tricky dependency issues while booting (correct time is needed for anything involving encryption, it's much better not having to wait for the internet to be up and running before having it (particularly with VPN connections or https (ddns) being at play)), so I would connect one.

Thank you... I will try to buy one and connect it.

Does anyone already did it with R6S ???

Is there space for RTC battery ???

I too was considering NanoPi R5S/R6S, BananaPi R4 v/s an x86 based router board with 4*2.5Gb ports (all from AliExpress).

I ended up buying a N100 router device with a built in cooling fan (vendor Topton) for the following reasons:

  1. Official support for OpenWRT, pfSense, OPNsense for x86_64 based hardware.
  2. The hardware supports Intel virtualization; so Proxmox should work with VMs (KVM) and LXC containers for a bunch of other apps.
  3. Flexibility in RAM (up to 16GB) and Storage (NVMe +2.5" SATA SSD)

I'm also fan of x86 based mini PC.

Have 4 x Intel NUC and 1 x HP. But I'm not convinced to buy x86 PC from Aliexpress.

I couldn't find reasonable priced mini PC with 2 x 2.5GbE from any trusted brand like Intel, Asus etc.

From other way have zero experience with ARM... this is why I decided to give R6S a chance.

I don't think that it is my final word regarding router...

Odroid is still tempting me...