NanoPI R6S Forked Build

There's no official build for the R6S and I would like to install OpenWRT instead of FriendlyWRT.

Can I ask a few questions:

  1. Would I get support from the forum on

  2. Which version should I install - Squash FS or EXT4? How can I see which filesystem the current OEM port is using? My device has a 32GB eMMC but I know SquashFS is designed for embedded devices and is very efficient

  3. I have already bricked the device once and had to recover using USB debugging. What's the best way to flash the device. Can I take a SquashFS or EXT4 Sysupgrade and flash via the eMMC tool on the image or do I need to take a different approach and flash from USB/SDCard.

Any help appreciated

If you're on purpose flashing an R6S with an image for R5S, you're on your own.

Sorry - it was late and I copied the wrong link. It would be the image of the RS6 but this one:

Would this get support from the forum?

you shouldn't.

we know nothing about the build, and how it works .... it's a black box to us.

the code is all there like mainline openwrt mj22226/openwrt at linux-6.6 (
@jonesi100 usually community builds have their own thread where you can get support but in this case only @mj82 can answer best

@jonesi100 I use this
Build the firmware using default packages from Openwrt.

Use squash FS.

Flash the immortal build using the emmc tool in friendlywrt build, you can the just flash as normal once in Immortal build.

thanks so if I use Immortal build I can flash and it shouldn't brick it - then the eMMC menu will change too the standard upgrade menu?

Not recommended but can I restore the settings from my backup - its basically the same layout and OS...

Yes, just flash using the EMMC tool, once its done (leave it for a about 1 minute) unplug the power and after 10 sec plug back in. Should then boot to Immortal firmware. If you want to flash back to friendlyWRT you can if required.

You can then flash firmware as you normally would, as per the normal flash menu.

I dont use a restore, i start a fresh after each upgrade but my needs are small, so it doesnt take long.

appreciate it - thanks

I have had issues with getting wireguard setup for remote access - do you think this is something Immortal would assist with? IPv6 has been really flakey too