NanoPi R6S and unofficial OWRT release

Hey all. New to the forum and looking for a little advice.

I have purchased a NanoPi R6S to do some testing with in the hopes of eventually replacing my current (aging) gateway with it.

I have read up on the device and am aware OpenWRT is not officially supported… yet, and that the supported FriendlyWRT has some security vulnerabilities.

I did find an unofficial OpenWRT image at:

My plan is to install both images and see which one I like.

Wondering if anyone has tried this fork and if there was anything worth mentioning about it? I realize it utilizes the same kernel, but aside from that?

Thanks so much

nice product, unfortunately I don't have it, for now I'm fine with what I already have

you will definitely get an answer from someone who has it, you just have to be patient

The mj22226 images are great, and just OpenWRT with some patches to make the R6S work. I use the 6.1 kernel from those builds and it's been very stable.
I've used FriendlyWRT originally, but that is on a much older kernel, so I'd just go for those unofficial OpenWRT images now.

Thanks bud. Any tips on patches to install?

No patches needed, you just install a 6.1 image from mj22226.

Rad. Thank you!

Since the NanoPi R6S uses custom firmware that is not part of the OpenWrt project, the best place to look for help is on their own support channels and user forums.

Closing this thread since it is off-topic for OpenWrt.