NanoPi R6S – A Rockchip RK3588S router

so here it is:


For routing, it is interesting. My RPi4 with 4x Cortex-A72 @ 1800 MHz does Gigabit download with SQM nearly saturating. I do not have symmetrical up/down so this is fine but perhaps this board with 4x Cortex-A76 cores @ 2400 MHz will offer more headroom. Some benchmarks with SQM will be interesting.

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Looks very interesting. The RK3588S will make the R6S an incredibly performant 2.5Gbit device. The lack of nvme is moot to a lot of people since the 32GB eMMC memory is more than adquate for a small Linux install such as OpenWrt, certainly better than an SD card. Not sure how well supported it'll be on OpenWrt, but hopefully FriendlyWrt provides at least a good baseline.

see comments from tkaiser on cnx - it seems it uses a bsp (not LTS) 5.10 kernel with lots of vulnerabilities so please remember this when buying/using it as your gw/vpn

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I'm going to keep stressing that if you are running at line rate (in this case 2.5gbit -> 1gbit) cake or fq_codel are used without the need for expensive shaping, and I'm dying to know how well fq_codel + BQL is working in that case.

I warned users when I got the nanopi r5s about securities issues on friendlywrt kernel, firewall was disabled too R68s a new openwrt arm device. RK3568 2*2.5G+2*1G - #38 by m4r

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Damn, good to know, unfortunately official OpenWrt support may be a ways off for this device.

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well until we get openwrt support I wouldn't trust it for any production workload - only for lab setups without internet exposure

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Looks like a mini PC to me too. That's a whole lot of CPU for a router-approaching a low end Intel Skylake core i5-6400T on Geekbench 5 scores.

The mini PC market at less than its price point will continue to be flooded with micro PC enterprise castaways that won't support Windows 11 though. At one third the TDP of 35W Intel "T" chips, it wins on power usage, but as a mini PC I don't see it replacing something like a used i5-7600T micro PC any time soon - even accounting for having to upgrade :grin: a non-transferable Windows license to linux, update years old BIOS firmware riddled with CVE's from the OEM web site and throwing in a used AX200 card for WiFi.

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My next router that will replace the R4S I’m using now, even if I would preferred if they have left the 2 USB 3.0 ports.

But what’s the point of include the IR receiver in a router? Maybe a sender, to control some Home Assistant devices. But a receiver… meh.

I purchased one of these R6S and I am planning to use it for my gigabit fiber home internet as primary router.

Does anyone yet have any github actions configured for building latest 22.03 that I could copy? On my R4S I was using @anaelorlinski builds. Looking for similar for the R6S.


Dunno, seems handy. Save you have a few to give better bluebooth+zigbee coverage to a house. If playing music you could have a remote for pause, play, volume, next songs and the IR receiver could receive it for you.

Armbian had a release earlier this week supporting a different SBC with the same RK3588, they might have a newer working kernel.

R6S in Android TV config for a Remote Control?

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