NanoPi R5C vs BPI-R3 Mini

Hi. I am looking for a one of those 2 options for a "portable" wifi router with WiFi 6 in which I can install openwrt

Does anyone have any input between both?
I was certain regarding R3 Mini but the usb 2.0 port it is a drawback.
For the NanoPi R5C, I am not sure if there is any m.2 wifi AX card with good driver support and moreover, I have some concerns regarding Rockship SoC in general.

Thanks in advance

covr-x1860 or wsm20?

Thanks for the suggestions. I updated my description because I want one that I can build and install openwrt.

wsm20 looks a little big, no?

The d-link I will check in the store today the size. Do you know if is there any build for it? I could not find in a quick look using my cellphone