Nanopi r5c OpenWrt and cloud

Hi everyone!

Last time I failed my attempt to lunch openwrt in x86 uITX board so I decided to use another one.

I have 2 boards which I think about: -> this I like more

And second one: -> i think this may be more power full choice. Price is no matter here.

Both different architecture, my target is to run Openwrt and additionally lunch NAS in order to backup / sync data from android devices. I am not sure if openwrt can handle TrueNas or next cloud (no experience in it actually). Storage will run via USB for this time (due to low ammount of data to manage). In future I plan to migrate my cloud to separated device and use TrueNas.

So advices for my case from your side with your experience are very appreciated. Regards! :slight_smile:

Do you mean, you want to use OpenWrt to connect USB storage to act as backup server? Is it remote or same network? I don't quite understand what you want to do here.


I need openwrt router and simple cloud. Right now I think i rather use Nextcloud (either LAN and outside). The question is how this combination will work in Both devices and which is better for this...