NanoPi R4S-RK3399 is a great new OpenWrt device

I got mine running like a boss!

Ordered one from for $90~
Replaces my pfsense 1100 (I paid almost $200 for it) where I was only able to pull 250-300mb's from a gigabit cable modem connection thru xfinity.

Speed test now with the SQM shaper and more or less everything else the same...I get 800-900 consistently....just wish I had more than 25Mb/s out :frowning:

Just downloaded the stock image...flashed it to a 8GB SD card and blamo! Well I did use qparted to resize the partitions to use all available space before I put it in the little box but it came up first time.


I would recommend you install OpenWrt 23.05. Much newer version with newer packages, newer kernel, etc. But congrats, R4S is an incredibly performant device for networking and is on the relatively short list of ARM devices that does SQM at 1Gbit while having plenty of CPU/RAM overhead left for adblock-fast, samba, docker, etc. pretty much whatever you could want.

root@OpenWrt:~# auc
Running:   22.03.5 r20134-5f15225c1e on rockchip/armv8 (friendlyarm,nanopi-r4s)
Available: 22.03.5 r20134-5f15225c1e
Requesting package lists...
installed package libwolfssl cannot be found in remote list!
installed package libncurses cannot be found in remote list!
Are you sure you want to continue the upgrade process? [N/y] n

don't think there is an upgrade...without flashing completely over again

I'll look for the 23.05 image for the rockchip/armv8

nope...only stable release is the 22.03.5 (at the moment...I will definitely upgrade once the 23 .img is available)

Ah it's still in rc phase guess that's why. I'm running rc4 on several devices: (edit: updated link below)

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I managed to solve my issue with the USB3.0 gigabit Ethernet adapter not working after reboot by wiring up the USB2.0 port inside the R4S, plugging an USB relay into it, splicing the +5V Vcc line in an USB3.0 extension cable and routing it through the relay and using a small script in rc.local. Clunky but at least it works (with exactly the same PSU, and still drawing less than 3W). One thing I noticed while using the USB relay, as it has a red LED to show it has power, is that during the entire reboot process the R4S never turns off the power provided by the USB port. No wonder the USB Ethernet adapter becomes confused and stops working. I'd be very curious to know if other people have noticed anything similar with their R4S (i.e. that they never switch USB power off during reboot)

23.05.0 should be released in a few days - it was just tagged. @WarHawk8080 be sure to wait for an official announcement, which won't happen until all the packages are built, etc.

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It's out now, I think I will wait for anaelorlinksis version though.


Thanks for your work. How do I upgrade squashfs version via gui sysupgrade ?

I'm new to OpenWrt, I just installed 23.05-20231013 (R4S, full, squashfs) from your git repository and I noticed this warning in Firewall:
Legacy rules detected
There are legacy iptables rules present on the system. Mixing iptables and nftables rules is discouraged and may lead to incomplete traffic filtering.
What should i do to get rid of this warning safely?
Thank you!

There must be a package that still calls iptables directly. Docker is known to still do it.

I removed docker, this is what I have now:

qos package probably ?

Should I just ignore the warning?

I think yes. Anyway internally iptables translates into nftables. (iptables-nft is installed)
I think some of unchecked packages listed here might still call iptables

Thank you!

My current issue is AdGuard Home:

Read this I wrote a how-to

Is there any way to handle this through LuCI UI? I'm new to OpenWrt.

Any tips on how to add packages your image? I got as far as cloning your git but I am not sure how to modify which packages to install? I am new to building images.

I've noticed that 23.05 changed the default R4S ethernet TX/RX flow control from "on" to "off" (iperf3 started reporting retransmission packets in 23.05 and I've root caused it to be that in 23.05 the ethernet flow control is off in the R4S lan port, possibly also wan port).

From the swtich (also OpenWrt) to which my R4S is connected:

R4S 22.03.5:

Autonegotiate:	on
RX:		off
TX:		off
RX negotiated:	on
TX negotiated:	on

R4S 23.05.0:

Autonegotiate:	on
RX:		off
TX:		off
RX negotiated:	off
TX negotiated:	off

Is this by design or is Ethernet auto-negotiation not working in 23.05.0 in the R4S build?