NanoPi R4S-RK3399 is a great new OpenWrt device

(edit) Nope Does NOT fit. See pics below.

I keep meaning to grab one from ebay or amazon so the RTC is powered but have yet to get around to doing that.

I did get a usb tail for the onboard USB2 port but experimenting with that and the console leads showed me that i'd need to modify the leads and also drill a hole in the side of my case.

With the case closed the top of the case is VERY flush to the top of the ethernet ports. The leads are slightly proud of them and obviously have the leads coming off the top. Thus you cannot shut the case with leads attached.

I'll have to uncase it and take some more pics for the wiki to show a side on pic for that.

(edit - New Pics)

You would have to drill hole in side of case and tape it to the outside.
There is NO way to fit it INSIDE the case without modifying the case internals.

Edit2 - Have updated wiki with additional pictures and warnings.

Couple more pics showing battery on usb side of case and another on the cutout above the ram chip.

Just no way to fit it in without machining.

Potentially if you reamed out above the memory chip and took a bit of chunk off the main heatsink it would fit. You can see the mark from the heatsink pad in the pictures above.
The LED light guides show where the board sits in the case. So while my picture of the battery against the side of case suggests it could fit, its actually misleading as the board sits lower in the case than you imagine.

Does you used cr2032 type battery ? Try cr1220 type or smallest 3v type cr1025

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That's actually a good point. i am used to the cr2032s for bios batteries. I didn't consider a different type.

From the R4S wiki :

RTC backup current is 27uA.
Connector P/N: Molex 53398-0271

I'm not try and not sure it's can work with 1.5v type battery, but any type 3v can work, smaller type is smaller capacity.

Hi gurus, need your advise on docker hosted in openwrt.
Cannot make containers to connect outside (WAN/internet)
Currently using klever1988 build, but also tried any possible builds from original openwrt to friendlywrt.
All settings are default, ping to from inside the container doesn't work. Does work to, which is openwrt's own LAN IP.

Is it possible to use DSA format in /etc/config/network? I'm slowly switching my devices over.

There is no switch on the r4s, accordingly no dsa either.

Reasons why its NOT a great device at all

  1. 2 Ethernet ports, would you buy a switch also? For what? You can buy sandart 5 port router, also you will have to use AP, why not use standart all-in-one router?
  2. YEEEEEEEEEEE realtek ethernet in 2022, why not intel i210/211/219? RTL82XXX worst chips ever, used only on cheapest motherboards for generic internet access.
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Neither of these arguments are really fair, nor relevant.

  1. If you do need to deal with WAN connections above ~500 MBit/s, you don't have many choices left - and almost none of them (x86_64, RPi4, NanoPi) will provide with an integrated switch. For enthusiasts the typical 4+1 ports of classic routers quickly become rather limiting, so a dedicated (smart-)managed switch quickly becomes rather attractive.
  2. r8169/ r8168 (at least the PCIe variants) ethernet isn't as bad as you paint it. While these allegations were true for rtl8129/ rtl8139 (the original 100 MBit/s ethernet cards), the PCIe based 1000 MBit/s ethernet cards (and their mainline driver) works quite well, is actively maintained and isn't a performance problem for 1000BASE-T. Yes intel, broadcom or marvell might provide some more advanced offloading mechanisms (and you do have to distinguish between desktop- and server cards here, which differ massively), but they also come with their own share of problems (bugs, silicon and drivers - or driver availability across (versions of-) different operating systems (it's no problem to use a rtl8139 card on modern windows versions, good luck trying that with the 100 MBit/s e100 intel cards of the same vintage).

What about for vlans?

I believe this device uses DSA, no? If not, you can setup VLANs with the substantially simplier ethx.y nomenclature as recommended by @krazeh, see here. See the last post in that thread for my complete config files you can use as reference.

I'm referring to software 802.1q vlans. I already have swconfig set up but would like to switch to DSA syntax to keep my device configs consistent.

why be limited to a 4port switch?

The whole point of something like the R4S is it is your ROUTER. Pair it with a little 8port 1gb switch... or a monster 48 port POE switch that powers your security suite keeping an eye on your evil overlord lair...

Also if you want to argue about devices. Goto the hardware forum. This thread is about the R4S and support for it.

and when your all in one dies. no internet till you fix it. Enjoy that.

There was a time when all in ones made sense. Now with electronics as they are... Just buying dedicated devices is much easier. Plus you can even cheat and reuse 2nd hand corporate devices as they upgrade.

Hey buddy, what's the purpose of all this? You get into one's house just to say how bad it is?! I believe we all here bought this device because we wanted to and there's no one complaining about its flaws, just trying to make it better. So if you're here to drop hate, you're not welcome.


This is just perfect replacement for x86 router with lower power usage. Maybe if you live in country which has low electricity bills and you don't see advantages over x86...
It is better than any single SoC integrated router because it has a lot better VPN performance

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Did you wrote the same warning in the Raspberry Pi4 thread?

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ok, cool. But can you achieve less than 15W power usage during gigabit routing with sqm/qos?
What's your power usage?
Previously i had Dell R210II, it drained too much energy for me (35-40W).


Whats the wireguard performance for AX3 pro?

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