NanoPi R4S-RK3399 is a great new OpenWrt device

The R4S reached 12 days of uptime, because I was away to make a reportage in Kosovo and during that time I was always connected with WireGuard (on the R4S) with 3 or 4 devices on a snapshot r20386, all the IoT things were working at my home, and all was perfect, no reboot, no lag, no high ram usage, no heat (I left all the a/c off for 10 days but it never went above 50 °C), nothing. Even with 4 devices connected to WireGuard I have never have a single issue. Only lots of push notifications for the load and SQM that were working, so I rised the alert threshold from away :slight_smile:

i'm very happy with it, I think I'll keep the kernel 5.10, since for me it works...