NanoPi R4S OpenWrt Installation

Hello, I bought a NanoPi R4S together with a Raspberry 4596 Pi power adapter and a 128GB microSDXC card to fully utilize my 1Gbit Down / 50Mbit Up Cable line with SQM.

Whats the installation process ?
Install OpenWrt with Rufus on the microSDXC ?

Whats the best/easiest to install Snapshot that works ?
Can someone give me a link ? That would be great.

Also is SQM even the right thing for me ?
I play semi professional COD / CSGO and I want my game traffic to be fully prioritized with the lowest possible latency.

Thanks for the help ! :slight_smile:

According to the main R4S thread the 22.03 Release Candidate might be working well.

You can download from here.

Click 'Customize' to add in packages, I have only tried a very minimal set-up with the following:

For encrypted DNS

For adblocking via filter lists, similar to pi-hole


?For https access to the router GUI homepage
luci-ssl (replace "luci" in the customised list with this, although I think the homepage might direct to https anyway now regardless)

Once you'ce decided what packages you want, just download the image (I used EXT4) and write via your writer of choice e.g. Balena Etcher. You may want to extend the partition to utilise the full capacity of your microSD card, instructions in the main R4S thread.

Suggest you read the main R4S thread for further ideas and links to customised builds :slight_smile: