Nanopi R4S Installation

Thanks for the Links, Over 1000 comments so might take me a month or so but some very good information and tips on the thread :grinning:

Thanks again

No. I've not had any issues like that. My R4S is providing segregated VLANs for main lan, IOT, guest and security system network interfaces. They all come up fine on reboot.

Could be just a slight bug with the image file maybe, Nothing major it’s working fine at the moment and only does it on reboot/start up, I would love my network like yours with VLAN's but unfortunately not possible with my setup well I don’t think so anyways.

ONT - R46 - S8000 SWITCH - SG108E SWITCH.

I’ve got my 3 Deco M5's Wireless Mesh system connected, 1 Connected to the S8000 switch, 2 Connected to the SG108E switch.

I know both of the switches do VLAN's but don’t think you can setup vlans from one to switch to the one or maybe you can?