Nanopi R4S install - which file? => SOLVED

Finally got round to getting this. But im not clear which file to burn to the SD card.
Is it, from the downloads page at

thanks for guidance
ext4 does not have overlay, you install packages on root as on pc
squash upgrades in one go keeping only configurations
in either case make system not too big and add extea partition(s) for data after it.

thanks for super quick reply. It sounds like i should go with squashfs, essentially i want the install to behave as on my old router (linksys WRT3200) where i flashed OpenWRT, and then just booted into Luci. My SD card is 32GB so that must be more than enough...

But if I am missing something here, please let me know

Spin it couple of times in a virtual machine and check what fits.

thanks - did squashfs and it worked fine with the exception of one issues ive raised separately..