Nanopi r4s behind Fritzbox as Gateway for VPN configuration problem

my setup is a Fritzbox 6660(Vodafone branded so on fritzOS 7.29) that connects to the internet. A Nanopi r4s with openwrt 22.03 (image from ) a Fritzbox 7490 (FritzOS 7.51) and a TL-SG105E managed switch.
The Fritzbox 7490 is Mesh master for the Fritzbox 6660 and two Repeater (FritzRepeater 3000 and 1750). The Fritzboxes are connected by cable.
I have 2 Wifi Networks (5GHz and 2,4GHz) and my LAN on ip range these should connect without VPN to the internet.
A Guest wifi on that should be tunneled through a VPN over OpenVPN (Nordvpn client mode).
Now I am confused about how to configure the interfaces, Vlans, Firewall zones and DHCP on nanopi r4s. On the Switch i think i should create vlans and tag some ports. Do i have to add static routes to the Fritzboxes because these are not able to create Vlans?
Why i am doing this is that i want to connect to guest wifi if i want a different location for iptv or use Kodi.
Thanks in advance

A few thigns to note...

This is not an official version of OpenWrt... if you want to use your existing version, you may need to seek assistance from the maintainers/support community of those builds since it will likely behave differently than the official version. I'd recommend using the official stable release here:

Next, it would be good to see the physical topology of your network to ensure that it is easy to understand how things are setup. Please be sure to mark each device with the relevant IP addresses and of course the brand/model so that everything is clear.