NanoPI R2S is a great OpenWrt device

Thanks for all !

succes build under wsl2 ubuntu 20.04 on windows 10

here the process:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install build-essential libncurses5-dev libncursesw5-dev zlib1g-dev gawk git gettext libssl-dev xsltproc wget unzip python
# add the following dependecy otherwise the build fail (not sure wich python version dev package is needed)
sudo apt-get install python3-dev swig
cd ~
mkdir -p /openwrt/source
cd /openwrt/source
git clone --depth 10
git clone --depth 10 -b gpio
cd openwrt-nanopi-r2s
cp -r ../openwrt/package/kernel/kmod-sched-cake-oot  package/kernel/kmod-sched-cake-oot
./scripts/feeds update -a
./scripts/feeds install -a
time make -j$(nproc) download V=s
make defconfig
# remove all windows10 environement variable otherwise the build fail
time make V=s VERBOSE=1 -j$(nproc) JOBS=$(nproc) 2>&1 | tee build.log | grep -i -E "^make.*(error|[12345]...Entering dir)"

In Europe, better buy from antratek.

python2-dev and python-dev has to be removed, otherwise you will have errors at compilation time. The full list would be:

build-essential libncurses5-dev libncursesw5-dev zlib1g-dev gawk git gettext libssl-dev xsltproc wget unzip python python3-dev swig

I've got the nanopi for a week and it's been really stable, no crashes or something strange. I think the build its ready for PR.
I found that the nanopi its really hot, i've got the metal case and somehow its okey, its at 40º at idle, but with SQM and other things the nanopi reachs 60º with just a 40% cpu usage... for my real world use its fine, but if one day i upgrade my conecction i dont know what temps its going to reach.

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Sqm work even with the following warning " WARNING: Makefile 'package/feeds/packages/sqm-scripts/Makefile' has a dependency on 'kmod-sched-cake-virtual', which doe
s not exist" ?

You are using wich metal case ?

No, you have to download the latest master and replace the Makefile from package/kernel/kmod-sched-cake-oot to the nanopi source, just after the git clone command.

This one


i have updated the step by step by step guide.

i have found a new "lowcost" metal case

And here:
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Yes, i using without fan metal.

Those two metal cases are different.
One is with a spot for a fan
One is without fan.

Which one are you using?

I using without fan metal.

Chose smal fan are vert noisy

I just bought some of these to play around with. I haven't had time to get to them yet, but I'm pretty excited about them. I did get the ones in the plastic case, but they do have the heat sink & fan.

Cool! I have one arriving in a couple days as well. I'm excited to see the awesome progress and reports from this thread. :slight_smile:

@jayanta525 I'm just getting caught up on this thread. I have a NanoPi R2S arriving early next week and I just stumbled upon the great work going on here for a mainline OpenWrt build. I just set up my build environment for this device.

This appears to be building from the snapshot branch as opposed to master-19.07--is that correct?

yes, from the master branch.

master-19.07 doesn't have the rockchip target.

I have rebased to the latest openwrt/master. Current commits are not tested, and should work as intended. I will create a stable release soon.


I tried your latest release on two R2S'es, but it seems the MAC address is hardcoded. They both end up having the same MAC address. Any chance you can fix this?

Thanks for sharing your great work on the NanoPi R2S!

Unrelated to your MAC address question, but did you try @jayanta525's latest pre-built release or did you build from his latest code in his repo? I am having trouble getting a working build from the latest code at the moment.

@wian I haven't got the time to test any of the builds personally, I have just received the board and got the time now. I will have all of those updates within a day.

@_FailSafe I recently forced pushed some changes to github, untested, that might be causing the issue. Fixing this ASAP.


Awesome! Glad you got your R2S!

I'll be patiently awaiting your updates and will be very happy to begin testing the next build. :slight_smile:

@SvenH How did you manage to get SQM installed on release v1.2? When I try, it states kernel 5.4.48 is required and release v1.2 is at 5.4.42.

kernel bump to 5.4.48 no long ago, see here