NanoPi R2S doesn't seem to boot from canonical ext4 image

I'm home for the holidays and have set my parents up with a NanoPi R2S running 22.03.2. This was a mostly-smooth process, except that I found that the ext4-based disk image would refuse to boot. The squashfs-based disk image seems to work fine. These are the images linked from the wiki page.

In both cases, I used dd to write the image to an sdcard. For the squashfs-based image, I used fdisk to change the partition size prior to first boot to fill the 32 GB card, doing no follow-up steps. Frankly I was shocked that worked perfectly.

At the moment I am not equipped to connect to the serial port and get a boot log, but I'll see what I can do to get there. It would be nice to understand why one image boots and the other does not.

Does it work when you don't resize?

And did the squashfs actually get resized?

I'm doing no modifications whatsoever to the ext4 image. It's not booting in its stock form.

The squashfs image works totally just fine, even after the resize, and yes it's resizing properly.

The ext4 would need to have resize2fs run post fdisk resize.

I'm not trying to resize the ext4 at all. I'm trying to boot it.

I miss understood, sorry.

could try his build to compare. I use his for his r4s image but he has r2s builds as well.

:edit: you did uncompress the image before flashing it correct?

uncompress the image, flash it, then boot.


I bought a new nanopi r2s to play with. I am trying to build openWRT from source but the gcc compilation breaks with error "Configuration arm-openwrt-linux-gnu not supported" with glibc and with error "Configuration arm-openwrt-musl-gnu not supported" with musl.

Can somebody please provide me with dot-config file? I can then build upon it.


I followed the same procedure for both the ext4 and the squashfs image, including decompression. The ext4 image doesn't boot and the squashfs image does. Hopefully the USB/UART dongle arrives today before I fly out and I can collect a boot log.

I found the same ext4 bug with the raspberry pi 4, it seems that has been fixed in the day snapshot builds

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