NanoPi R1S H3 profile name?

Can someone tell me what the profile name is to build an image for the NanoPi R1S H3 device. I've looked on the net and here and it still eludes me which is the correct one.

I think it's friendlyarm_nanopi-r1 but trying to boot from this is causing a loop of some kind. It's showing missing Ethernet.

Error: ethernet@1c30000 address not set.
No ethernet found.

Error: ethernet@1c30000 address not set.
phy interface7
mdio_register: non unique device name 'ethernet@1c30000'

Thank you.

probably don't need the patch any more.

Nanopi R1 != Nanopi R1S

Hi, I should have mentioned that I'm using image builder. I assume there is no image builder on openwrt for it then?

This is what I'm using as I thought I read that it is included in this.

# ./scripts/feeds update -a
Unable to open feeds configuration at ./scripts/feeds line 91.

This is an old old problem. I found countless posts about it and no clear way of fixing it unless you are a developer and know how.

See the following post:

Wow, two hours of compiling but it completed :).
I don't see the image builder anywhere but I assume it's somewhere in all this since I did pick it in the menuconfig.

Seems to help if you don't use the squashfs version of the firmware :).
So far, so good, it's got a DHCP IP and telnet is up and running.

Only problem now is root without a password doesn't allow loging in.
All openwrt docs seem to say use 'root' and no password when connecting via telnet the first time. Telnet is the only service that is up and running bu the only way to get in was to use the serial port.

This is not convenient since it means I'd have to take apart the devices any time I want to build a new version. On the other hand, since the OS is running on the card, I guess I just need to configure the OS as I'd like it then clone the card?