Nanobeam AC Gen 2?

This is only happening on UBNT devices?

Might it be the cause of nanoHD not booting with latest snapshot?

Could be. :wink:
What flash chip?

Not sure if there is a different device with the same 16 pin flash chip.

DTS I dumped shows familiar name: mx25l12805d :smiley:

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Welcome in the Club. :wink:
Currently, I try to get the 4.19 jffs2 into the 5.4 kernel. xD

Actually, there a lot of people with the same error:

That seems very interesting:

Here's what's going on:

  • OpenWrt had wrong partition sizes in its UBNT AirMax firmware for a long time
  • Old AirOS and the corresponding U-boot version had a bug that made U-boot
    ignore the partition sizes defined in the firmware image. This made OpenWrt
    work with the old U-boot despite its broken partition sizes
  • The new AirOS has been fixed in this regard (but contains a new bug).
    This also means that the broken OpenWrt images don't work anymore and can
    cause even more breakage
  • The new U-boot/AirOS did not change the flash layout. Both AirOS 5.5.x
    and 5.6.x use the same flash layout, the changed flash layout reported in
    the wiki is caused by broken OpenWrt images!
  • The OpenWrt trunk since r48829 and the CC branch since r48849 are fixed,
    meaning they define the correct partition sizes
  • The "Newly-erased block contained word ..." messages are a consequence of
    a missing patch in CC that has been backported as r48849 (the new U-boot
    doesn't remove flash protection, so the flash is just read-only from
    OpenWrt; TFTP recovery is the only way to upgrade in this state)
  • AFAIR "Error code 2 - Firmware Check Failed" is the consequence of a bug
    in the new U-boot: after flashing an image with broken (smaller) partition
    sizes, the recovery doesn't accept images with the original partition sizes

This is 5 years old. :confused:

This seems to affect all of the AirOS AC CPE platform. They have an AR9342 CPU, 16/64 memory and one or two GbE ports. The Nanostation AC loco in this line is a good device to test on since it is easy and non-destructive to open the case and connect serial.

19.07.4 ath79 works on these.
Snapshot ath79 did not work.

Snapshot with 4.19 kernel works. :wink:

That's not going to help with version 20 though. This bug needs to be found.

Could u try

I just rework tihs a little bit:

Maybe take a look at two commits:

Probably both could affect your device. Do u want to try yourself or should I build you an image?

No need. nanoHD is different target (ramips) and most likely issue is related to newer boot loader, because even original David commit does not work.

I cloned your github and built it and tested on Nanostation AC Loco but it still has the "Newly erased block contains" errors and the jffs is not usable.

Bootloader reports the JEDEC of the flash chip is:
Flash: 16 MB (0xc2, 0x20, 0x18)

I'd prefer if you make binaries available so I can be sure it's built the way you do. I own a Nanobeam AC gen 2 and a Nanostation AC loco.

Which branch?

Did not choose one. I'm a novice at git.

What devices do you have? I tested now a nanobeam ac. :slight_smile:

The exact models are NBE-5AC-Gen2 (FCC ID SWX-NBE5ACG2W) and NS5-ACL (FCC ID SWX-NS5ACLW).

This issue was corrected by this commit to enable tftp upload of openwrt firmware to succeed. Possibly a similar change needed in WA devices?

We already fixed everthing. :slight_smile:
It was unlocking of macronix flash-chip in 5.4er kernel: