Naming mesh interfaces on OpenWrt 22.03 does not work as expected

I have observed this behavior on at least a couple of devices running OpenWrt 22.03 (Tplink WDR4300 and Yuncore AX820).

Interfaces are named mesh0, mesh1, mesh2, mesh3 regardless of the ifname property passed in the configuration file.

Moreover, it's not clear if having multiple mesh interfaces for each radio is expected to work or not, this sometimes works, sometimes it doesn't.

The use case is to switch devices from one forwarding protocol to another, or switch from a default mesh ID baked in the firmware to a more secure one which is downloaded from a configuration server.

Has anybody else incurred into this issue?
Can someone shed light on whether this is the expected behavior or whether we can do something to improve this?

On an older OpenWrt 21 build I was able to name the interface arbitrarily, it was a mediatek device but not the ones I mentioned above, I wonder if it's a wifi driver thing or if it's a netifd thing?

Thanks in advance!