Mysql instead of mariadb [SOLVED]

Mariadb recently replaced Mysql in the packages feed. However, it is too large to run on my devices, so I would like to continue using mysql.
What I did was to grab the previous mysql directory from the package repo and manually place it in 'packages/mysql. I then had to modify the Makefile ofphp7` to depend on mysql instead of mariadb.

When building, I see:

make[3] -C feeds/packages/utils/mariadb host-compile <- why is this happening, I have not selected mariadb!
make[3] -C package/mysql compile <- compiles ok

compiling php7 (with the pdo-mysql extension) throws the error:

Package php7-mod-pdo-mysql is missing dependencies for the following libraries:

What's going on - any ideas to fix it?
Many thanks!

mariadb has directives like PROVIDES that overlap with mysql, the simplest way is to delete the symlink from package/feeds/packages for mariadb and add the mysql one, just rename the newer one to mariadb, but I think that you just need to erase the tmp folder

Thanks @lucize.
Simply commenting out the PROVIDES directives in the mariadb makefile did the trick!

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