MyBookLive: OpenWrt vs stock firmware from WD

Hi guys,
I'm just doing some research and I would like to know the advantages or disadvantages of using OpenWRT on the MyBookLive.

So far, I can only think of is that OpenWRT is more updated and stock firmware hasn't been updated in years
Only huge disadvantage of OpenWRT is that you can't just simply shutdown the device. That's a turn off point for me. Has that issue been resolved? I do shutdown my MBL every time I leave the house by using the Web UI.

For the rest, how is the performance and compatibility with Windows 10 of OpenWRT? The WD firmware isn't that Windows 10 friendly. You need to turn on SMB 1.0 in Windows.

Yes, I am willing to give OpenWRT a try as long as I am able to shutdown the device. I mainly use the NAS as a place to store all my downloads and media on and I use the DLNA server.

  1. You can use halt to safely turn it off afaik however it'll do more harm than good most likely.

  2. Slow (due to hardware limitations) and no, you don't need to enable 1.0

Wait... what?

  1. Halt? Do more harm than good? For that system?
  2. Which is slower, OpenWRT or stock WD MBL image? As for SMB 1.0, the latest Windows 10 won't see the device if it's disabled.
  1. halt (it's a command), turning on and off your HDD frequently will most likely affect reliability in the long run.
  2. OpenWrt but at least it works I guess, a ~20-.30$ SBC will be much faster.

Oh, okay. I guess OpenWRT is more designed for the newer hardware where the older stock WD firmware is designed for the hardware in the MBL.