My TP-Link CPE 610 antenna is blocked, I need help

I have a TP-Link CPE 610 antenna. I installed OpenWrt because I saw that the original firmware was already outdated, while OpenWrt's firmware was more up-to-date. When I installed the OpenWrt firmware, I wanted to go back to the original firmware. I did it through the OpenWrt interface, but it didn't let me, so I forced the firmware update. Now, the antenna turns on, but I can't access the interface to configure it. If someone can help me, I would be grateful. If you don't understand something, it's because I'm speaking Spanish and translating everything.

¿Significa esto que instaló con éxito el firmware OEM?

Does this mean you successfully installed the OEM firmware?

Yes, but I tried to install the original tp-link firmware and it wouldn't let me but there was an option to force the firmware update and it won't let me configure it