My routeur D-link DWR 116 has been in boot loader loop


I was trying to install openwrt on my D-link DWR 116. i alreadt installed the 19.07 version but due to lack of free space by opkg i decided to downgrade to 18.06 version. but the routeur get into bootloader loop i want to know how can i fix it.

your help is much appreciated.
Note : in the picture below the 4 led of ethernet are blinking so rapidly.

Try the instrusctions here.

JBOOT recovery service
Push the reset button and turn on the power. Wait until LED start blinking (~10sec.)
Upload original factory image via JBOOT http (IP:
If http doesn't work, it can be done with curl command:
curl -F FN=@XXXXX.bin
where XXXXX.bin is name of firmware file.

Good luck!

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