My pc and my phone cannot connect to wpa3 wpa2 mixed

i tried everything my pc is relatively new pc is from 2024 and phone os is updated, both devices cannot connect to wpa3 not even in wpa3-wpa2 mixed mode

please help me i need to get running wpa3 on all my devices, wpa2 is now as secure as wep.

Mixed doesn't provide any additional security, go 2 or 3, not mixed.

Or create an additional SSID, one for 3, one for 2.


Mixed-mode is known to be problematic, what you're seeing matches exactly this issue - clients getting confused and refusing to connect (and sometimes not even 'seeing' the mixed-mode BSSID). This is a client-side bug and can't be fixed by OpenWrt, you can only circumvent it - by not using mixed-mode (as frollic said).


You cannot have wpa3 with disabled MFP, and set channel to auto, probably 80wide, and max power permitted. What you did is 20x less tx power yielding 5x reduced range.


3 alone wont work, help help help i even dissbled frame but i still cannot conmect to wpa 3 please help i used mixed cause 3 sae alone wont work is there any way i can see the logs to see what is happening inside

i ised mixed cause sae 3 alone wont work .... also 40mhz is stable im sacrificijg speed for stability but i need wpa3 for my job

how can be a client side bug if my 5 devices are having problem conmecting with wpa3 being updated my phone is new of 2024 too....... is there any way i can see woth dmesg or whatever to see what is happening please help... i cam pay i need to solve this urgently

If you disable protec%ed management frames wpa3 will not work


i disabled protected frames cause activated does not works too...

you intentionally set weak signal that you can reach 10cm from router if lucky. Get serious.
Reset router and create pure wpa2 and pure wpa3 access points with same passwords AND DO NOT TOUCH ANY CHECKBOXES YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND


i did it because my neighbors try to hack my wifi so i leverage the signal power so they cannot deauth me 10000 times at day

i need to use wpa3 but my 2024 pc cannot connect to wpa3 it says "cannot connect" where can i get a log of what is going on? in logread i see nothing

Which WLAN chipset
Which OS
What driver(version)

While there are plenty IoT and smart devices, as well as printers, surveillance cameras and similar which may not support WPA3, contemporary ordinary PC hardware really should...

Case in point, my 2003 vintage Notebook does support WPA3 just fine (linux, ath5k).

You need mfp to prevent deauth.
You can create guest network with optional or no mfp like for vacuum that cannot connect anymore.
btw wifi7 will ignore deauth without mfp.

xiaomi redmi , it says it supports wpa3 :frowning: ...

please illuminate me

C:\Windows\System32>netsh wlan show drivers

Interface name: Wi-Fi

    Driver                    : RZ608 Wi-Fi 6E 80MHz
    Vendor                    : MediaTek, Inc.
    Provider                  : MediaTek, Inc.
    Date                      : 2/16/2023
    Version                   :
    INF file                  : oem4.inf
    Type                      : Native Wi-Fi Driver
    Radio types supported     : 802.11b 802.11a 802.11g 802.11n 802.11ac 802.11ax
    FIPS 140-2 mode supported : Yes
    802.11w Management Frame Protection supported : Yes
    Hosted network supported  : No
    Authentication and cipher supported in infrastructure mode:
                                Open             None
                                Open             WEP-40bit
                                Open             WEP-104bit
                                Open             WEP
                                WPA-Enterprise   TKIP
                                WPA-Enterprise   CCMP
                                WPA3-Personal    CCMP
                                OWE              CCMP
                                WPA-Personal     TKIP
                                WPA-Personal     CCMP
                                WPA2-Enterprise  TKIP
                                WPA2-Enterprise  CCMP
                                WPA2-Personal    TKIP
                                WPA2-Personal    CCMP
                                WPA3-Enterprise 192 Bits GCMP-256
    Number of supported bands : 3
                                2.4 GHz [ 0 MHz - 0 MHz]
                                5 GHz   [ 0 MHz - 0 MHz]
                                6 GHz   [ 0 MHz - 0 MHz]


AMD rz608/ mt7921k does support WPA3 just fine, I owned one of those myself. Finding the right driver, which supports 6 GHz, is a tad more difficult, you may have to try your way through and

It probably supports WPA3, but it very well may not support mixed-mode.

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i need plain wpa3 , nothing with wpa2 i use driverbooster free, its a program which fetch the latest drivers for me

I'm not advocating for tools like that, which are a sham at best. But I do know for sure that rz608/ mt7921k is supporting WPA3 on Windows 11 perfectly.

(admitted, this is its non-6-GHz-capable smaller brother, mt7921, rather than rz608/ mt7921k, but it's the same driver; while I no longer have have rz608 anymore, I did use rz608 with WPA3 on 5/ 6 GHz in the past).

logread and dmesg says nothing when connecting to wpa3 dumb ap

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