My OpenWrt with a static ip does not use my "static" dns servers

In prep to use OpenWrt as an alternate dhcp/dns server, I first set it to have a static IP and specified my DNS servers as, etc.
All changes are done with Luci (a very confusing component).
Interfaces->Lan - I provide protocol static, IP, device br-lan, netmask, gateway, broadcast

Advanced settings, force link and use default gateway ticked.
Custom DNS servers,,
unticked "use /etc/ethers", unticked "ignore resolve file" (/tmp/resolv.conf.d/}

Using command line, /etc/resolv.conf is "search lan", nameserver, nameserver ::1
The file /tmp/resolv.conf.d/ actually contains my name servers 8.8.../.
DHCP server is off for now. Just want to get it on my network for now.

Now I've set static IPs many times on my linux systems, and it just plain works.
Can anyone see what I am missing (or messed up).
If would help, can put my config archive file here.



Got it working - ticked ignore resolv file. Seems like this is a lot more involved than It should be, but, I guess, it is what it is


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