My netgear 4300 brick from 19.07.3 to 21.02.1

Flash image?

The flash image was uploaded. Below is the checksum and file size listed, compare them with the original file to ensure data integrity.
Click "Proceed" below to start the flash procedure.

Size: 7.14 MB
MD5: f82fd0618a4a39c4876105d5fc053ebf
SHA256: 5a418d400727cecab76f7347eafea1ba32837d0351ed04b627a1ab276a8b9e91

Keep settings and retain the current configuration

Device wndr4300 not supported by this image Supported devices: netgear,wndr4300 Invalid sysupgrade file. Image check failed.

The uploaded image file does not contain a supported format. Make sure that you choose the generic image format for your platform.

Force upgrade

Select 'Force upgrade' to flash the image even if the image format check fails. Use only if you are sure that the firmware is correct and meant for your device!

force upgrade, now brick,why?
how to recovery? now power led blink at 1hz, from amber to green slow blink.

which image did you use? What is the exact filename?

Also, which version of the 4300 do you have? (v1, v2, sw, tn, etc.) -- you can find this info on the info panel of the router.

wndr 4300 v1 sysupgrade file. I see when power led blink green, there should be tftp to but now ping no effect, tftp timeout.

what was the exact filename?

is it because of large step from 19.07.03 to 21.02.1?

No, the step isn't the issue on the surface.

Did you try to keep settings?

Did you follow the TFTP process described on the device info page? You'll need to use the factory image for this process.

In the first post...

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I somehow glossed over that. Thanks.

@youxiaojie - try failsafe mode.

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Based on the SHA in the first post, the firmware that was used looks like the ath79-nand sysupgrade for the WNDR4300.

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now it seems entered tftp mode automaticly. I connect ttl tomorrow to see the detail. could not pingable.

no, not keeping setings. is it the reason?

Keeping settings can cause issues across major version upgrades in general and may be completely incompatible for devices that have transitioned to dsa

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god bless me. I hope uboot is ok. unlike 25 spi flash, nand is hard to burn uboot.

now is not pingable. no-rely.

the transition from ar71xx to ath79 doesn't help, but it wouldn't cause a brick

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I manage a netgear 3700v4 which is a close model of the 4300. I had issues with it while upgrading from 19.07 to 21.02. It was solved by the method I described. Once 21.02 is flashed, you can safely use upgrading to the next releases.

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thanks to pepe2k! I love your uboot! I love all your work. the only pity thing is ar7161 and ar7240 cpu not supported!

thanks!! very good! netgear's uboot has this extension is a great idea!