My impressions about upgrading Archer C7 and WDR4300 to 19.07

I just want to share my experience upgrading my Archer C7 from 18.06 and my WDR4300 from 17.01 to 19.07. I used sysupgrade image uploaded via luci. I chose to stay on ar71xx target for now, just to test the upgrade process and I decided to keep the current config. Everything (except for the reinstalling the packages nonsense!) went smoothly. Wifi configuration updated itself automatically. Thanks everybody contributing to this release.

Functions tested to migrate properly: WiFi (both bands with 3 SSIDs), Vlans, swconfig, bridge config, firewall settings, interfaces...

I'd like once again to urge the community to develop automatic reinstallation of required packages. I tend to forget what I installed manually and what is the core functionality. I simply forgot that ddns scripts are not core functionality and have missed several DNS updates. I also forgot that sane-daemon is for some unknown reason NOT the dependancy of sane-backend and have spend an hour troubleshooting why it is not working...

I updated my WDR4300 to 19.06.0 too, but used the ath79 branch instead. Other than having to change a hardware path at the wireless config, everything else is working fine.

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And I would like to urge you to document your setup process, and do some research. There's tips and tools floating around in this forum to facilitate what you're doing.

You're part of this community too; you're free to contribute.

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That's the thing - as long as research, tips, tricks and tools are required for such a mundane task as upgrading, I don't want to do it. It is not worth it. Why do you think has my WDR4300 (main router for my own reasons) stayed for so long on 17.01? Because I knew I needed to invest several hours in updating it while keeping the functionality.

Yes, I'm the part of the community. I've done my contribution by posting this impressions. No, I don't want to contribute in Linux development. I just don't feel like it. And yes, every other contributor has right to develop solely what himself/herself finds interesting. My contribution is going to end by a harsh statement that literally all other developement on openwrt has to stop before upgrade nonsense is resolved.

I'm CCIE R&S and Security myself. I do know a thing or two about networking and about configuration from command line. I just refuse to do any CLI at home. It just feels wrong. If it can't be done from GUI, I consider it can't be done at all. These are home devices and should be treated as such.

If you have any particular question about my setup, why were VLANs needed, how I did firewall zoning or how I did set up interfaces, I'd be glad to answer.