My deepest respect for the die-hard developers!

What was suppose to be a "relative" simple project turns out to be a quest for the holy grail...or should I say holy API.

Depreciated API's or structure...don't use...but other parts still only accept the old structure...AARGH...convert old structure to new structure...or...write your own code that basically does what the API was for.

How do you die-hard developers that give us projects like Lede/OpenWRT even keep up with all the changes??Let alone be able to backport some stuff that should have worked in the first place when the original changes where made.

Let me just say: "My deepest respect for all you die-hard developers!!"

PS: I'm not giving up on my own project, but it seems such a shame that I know I have to patch my code soon...or rather patch it to run "now" instead of in the future when all the API changes are merged again :wink:

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There is a simple solution to that, get your changes merged upstream (mainline linux).

(yes, I know, that does requires some dedication and at least basic arch and API support for the stuff you depend on in mainline. Easier said than done, but it should always be the goal.)

@slh, but getting stuff to merge is one of the problems. Solutions for one of my problems were already “patched” last year (June 2017), but were not merged because other drivers were still using the old API. That leaves me no option but to rewrite that part of my code and use the old API :frowning:

Like that we keep patching the patches. But again: great respect for those developers who keep up with all those changes. For me this is a hobby project and it takes a long time just to dig through all different code to figure out what it does due to lack of proper documentation. I’m sure that I will have a beta project to show soon, but I don’t like that my “new” driver is basically already old by being forced to using some outdated API.

where is that project, can I take a look?

@braian87b , the point is to express how much more I value our developers now I’m starting to code a small driver myself. I sometimes wondered why such code didn’t exist yet, but I’m starting to understand the complexity of dealing with all kinds of Kernel stuff.

As for my project, as soon as I have a working beta version (tested only by me), it will be on GitHub and of course in a new thread on this forum.