My customised OpenWrt kernel is changed from 4.14.241 to 4.14.254

Hi Community,

I am working on building my own customized OpenWrt 19.07 recently for my own device. Last week I found that the kernel was changed from 4.14.241 to 4.14.254. Actually I forgot which modification I had made to trigger this change. Could everyone help me figure out why this happened? Thanks advanced.

Any changes that make your image different from the default config will bump the version number.

You are probably building from the 19.07 master and a git pull will update your source code with the latest version from the 19.07 master, including a new kernel version eventually.

As you can see in the link below kernel in the 19.07 master was updated to 4.14.258 about 11 days ago, and 2 days ago it was again updated to 4.14.259:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/openwrt-19.07

If you wan to build a specific version (eg 19.07.8) you will need to select a specific tag (eg v19.07.8) from git. If you just specify the branch (19.07) you will build from 19.07 head and it may include updates like this.

Any hints to find these changes? thanks

Do you mean to see what changed in the kernel? Or something else?

Have the updates to the kernel caused you challenges? If you want to maintain compatibility with on-going updates to 19.07 then now may be a good time to get your strategy in order.

Thanks all, I found it is the changed in ./include/ which triggered that change. It seems that in the latest update (the coming 19.07.9) the kernel would be bumped to 4.14.254.

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