My book live duo, how to convert to gpt?


I am new to this pls be gentle but i am willing to learn.

So i managed to install the image for my book live duo on 3tb drive, my main problem after i install is that i cannot convert to gpt without lossing the first two partitions... any suggestion how to to that?

Also i would like to set it up as raid 1 if possible

Thank you a lot for any input

You ever figure this out nongrata23?

I don't really understand the problem. Converting to GPT has been really painless for me: Write OpenWrt to drive, then either
a) connect disk to MBL, boot OpenWrt, opkg install gdisk, run gdisk on drive, use the existing MBR and write GPT to the disk. Afterwards, use gdisk to create additional partitions.
b) keep the disk connected after writing OpenWrt and use gdisk from the host system to convert the drive

I have never tried "converting" a disk with additional partitions to GPT, because that doesn't really make sense anyway. Either your disk is >2TB, then you would use gdisk immediately after installing OpenWrt, or your disk is <= 2TB, then GPT does not offer any advantages over MBR.

I would also like to point out ... never remove or resize the original two partitions, always create an additional partition. And don't start the additional partitions flush to the OpenWrt default ones, as explained in the Wiki.