My Archer A7 was (almost) bricked

I installed OpenWRT to my router.
After this, because Spectrum only supplies internet to routers with whitelisted MAC, I started to change settings.
While this, I changed my router's network setting (I can't exactly remember what was that) from static to DHCP. And I immediately became unable to access it through ssh root@
I'm looking for several solutions:

  1. Is there any way to completely reset OpenWRT settings?
  2. Is recovery through TFTP possible? I tried it but didn't get any good results.
  3. Can I just recover it to factory settings with hardware controls?
  4. If it's not able to debrick, I'm going to buy ASUS RT-AC66U B1. Does it work nice?

Allow OpenWrt to boot up fully (the "gear" LED stops blinking and is on steady). Press and hold the reset button for longer than 5 seconds then release. After a short time all the lights should blink out and the router reboots to default settings.

There's no gear led and the reset button didn't work. There was no change in lights after I pushed reset button for 10 secs.

If you in fact set DHCP:

  • use a second router to get an IP on the OpenWrt
  • plug into LAN port to LAN ports
  • plug your laptop into another available LAN port
  • login to the OpenWrt and change it back to static

BTW, @mk24's advice should work also, so long as the OpenWrt still boots - and there's no reason from your description why it should not.

That's weird-maybe my NAND is gone.
Additionally, I don't need further helps as I ordered RT-AC66U B1.


Do you know that is close to useless under OpenWrt?

That's really sad.... I should use merlin instead.
Or is there any other router recommendations that works well with and without OpenWRT?
I can still cancel the order if I get a response fast.

Ignore the thread title, but the content of that post and the couple that followed I believe are good


Yes cancel that order. Don't buy a Broadcom based router.

There is no NAND in an Archer A7. It's a re-badged C7.

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