MX60W Flashing

Hi Guys- Can anyone help me or point me on how to flash Meraki MX60W. I have tried with a UART cable but no luck, not able to get the console access.

This is what i did so far

Connected the UART cable as explained on the github and back onto UART adapter, set connection rate com port etc on putty but I don`t get any prompt.

Can some please help me or point me into a direction ?


Hey @zubair,

When hooking up UART, can you confirm you are only doing TX/RX and GND? Also, make sure you are using a 3.3V UART adapter.

Once hooked up, you should be able to see the U-Boot prompt while the board boots. It's also possible the TX/RX leads may be reversed (had this on 1 of my UART adapters myself) so you can try swapping those to see if this fixes the issue.