Mwlwifi boot loop in 22.03-rc6

I am currently experiencing a bootloop after installing the mwlwifi-firmware-88w8997 driver for the kmod-mwlwifi kernel module. This seems to happen on a range of openwrt versions including 22.03-rc4/5/6 and 21.02.3 but seems to fixed in the SNAPSHOT version, but I am using this as my main router so wanted to use a more stable version and I am too much of a noob to figure out how to fix any problems.

Overall I wanted to know if there are any known fixes for this in a stable version of openwrt, if a fix for this is actually being worked on so that maybe I could migrate to a stable version or if someone could help me understand how to back port the fix that seems to be in SNAPSHOT.

I found this page that seems to detail the same problem that I get but has no responses:

I am running:
Globaltechnologies EspressoBin Ultra
Openwrt 22.03-rc6