Mwl8k based WDS network

Hi all
According to what stated here: and also looking at some comments in the code, thde device should be STA (WDS) capable
In LEDE the capability is reported as supported, and the configuration (both Access Point and Client) is accepted. The link between AP and Client goes up but I don't get the wlan.staX device created on the AP and I don't have connectivity
Checking at the dmesg, I see that both STA and AP firmware are present, or should be:

[    8.327755] ieee80211 phy0: 88w8366 v48, c8d7192337cd, STA firmware
[    9.176899] ieee80211 phy1: 88w8366 v48, c8d7192337cf, STA firmware
[   15.951895] ieee80211 phy0: 88w8366 v7, c8d7192337cd, AP firmware
[   16.272266] 0000:02:00.0: unable to load firmware helper image
[   16.278141] ieee80211 phy1: Cannot start firmware
[   16.282956] ieee80211 phy1: Trying to reload the firmware again
[   16.805769] ieee80211 phy1: 88w8366 v7, c8d7192337cf, AP firmware

But I end always in the AP firmware being loaded, even if I have configured the AP as AP WDS
I know that the documentation mention only Broadcom and Atheros to support WDS, but the documentation looks old, so I ma here to ask for confirmation

Not owning a device with that chipset, but it seems it’s a “softmac” driver. Under wireless setup on Luci, WDS AP/Client should show up as “mode” if the driver supports this.

Alternatively from the command line:

iw phy0 info

But, on the ath9k driver WDS doesn’t show as a separate mode even though it works just fine.