MWAN3 with two routers and two internet connections

Here is the setup:



Beacause of space , I prefer wireless connection between router_1 and router_2.
Both run openwrt , I want they both use mwan3 for better network performance.
So how should I connect them?

LAN-LAN or LAN-WAN should work, assuming there's a WAN port.

but you cant use this with mwan3

which/what this ?

now I use
router_1 as clinet
router_2 as AP
truely router_1 can use mwan3 to manager two network connections,but router_2 I can't find a way.

depends on your use case ....

do you want to have fail over/redundancy between the two routers, or only between the two WAN interfaces located on each router ?

I want each router can access both internet connections

add a secondary WAN interface mapped to the other router, and use mwan3 on both, to fail over to the remote WAN ....

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Thanks,but more detail plz

I don't understand this

you got two routers, with a WAN interface on each.
add a 2nd WAN interface to both, mapped to the other router.

router 1 have a local WAN, and a 2nd WAN via router 2
router 2 have a local WAN, and a 2nd WAN via router 1

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yeah,I know what to do

but how to map to other router

set gateway?

You just point towards the IP of the 2nd router, but if you set it up as WAN,
they cannot be on the same subnet.

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:thinking: which Protocol should I use ?

all / any.

It is not that easy, but it is doable.
You have router 1 with WAN1, and router 2 with WAN2.

First. Set router 1 as default gw in your local network.
The best way is to use vlans to make WAN traffic connection between routers.

On router 1 set its local WAN1 as default outgoint traffic, and make VLANxxx as secondary WANxxx, which is connected to router 2.
Over VLANxxx there will be sent all traffic to router 2 in case if WAN1 is down.
Now on router 2 set routing of traffic incomming from VLANxxx into its WAN2.
and that is all. it will work.
In case if WAN1 is up, all traffic from your computer will go as follow:
computer - router 1 - WAN1
and in case if WAN1 is down, traffic will go as follow:
computer - router 1 - WANxxx - router 2 - WAN2