MWAN3 with 2x LTE

Hi guys,
and here is my request for help to those who are really familiar with MWAN3.
I implemented a kind of failsafe on an old Fritzbox with OpenWRT and MWAN3.
I have 2 LTE sticks that give me dual WAN with MWAN3.
The purpose behind this is when the data volume of the first contract is exhausted, the second stick automatically comes into action and supplies the Internet.
MWAN3 is currently running as load balancing and both sticks are in action.
If a data volume is used up, the connection is still with 64 kBit, which means that the Internet can hardly be used anymore, but the router does not switch to the other LTE connection. Load balancing probably doesn't register the reduced speed as a shutdown and I only have internet again after I switch off the interface with the reduced speed.
Does anyone know if anything can be corrected with some setting changes?
Greetings orcape

not what you're looking for, but try Sharing the SIM card data plan

you can store the amount of data transferred, since you know the roof of the contract,
you know to switch.
or do speed tests, and switch when they start to run slowly, but the testa will consume data.

Hi frollic,
and thanks for the feedback.
Well, I think I've identified the problem.
I had set the two interfaces with metrics 10 and 20, so that MWAN3 was probably fixed on metrics 10.
With metric 10 on both interfaces it now works as intended.
The interface with the expired data volume is now active with Error, Tracking and the other interface takes over.
Everything as desired.
Greetings orcape

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