Mwan3 with 2 wifi wan of same IP range

This is my first mwam3 and I need help, if possible.
I have router with Openwrt 18.06 that serves as a repeater for wifi network. Source network is and router has different range.
I'd like to add another source wifi, but it's also on the same range,
I used LuCI.

Can this work with mwan3?
how will it know where is gateway, both have the same IP?
Do those wifi wan need to be in separate wan zones or just in existing common wan zone?
Do they need to be in separate vlans? How can it be done for wifi, I see Vlan switch just for ethernet?
Would client isolation matter?

Btw, would this be performance issue for TL-WR841N v5, CPU or RAM?
CPU: Atheros AR 7240
CPU Cores : 1 CPU MHz : 400
Flash MB : 4 RAM MB : 32

That is the problem. Unless you change one of the subnets this isn't going to work.


It is quite tight and you'll need to change router anytime soon. Version 19.X will be too big for the 4MB of its flash, if not the latest 18 version.

hi. You asked for problems in use and new features, I guess not just IPv6.
I'm just a beginner but this doesn't seem simple, so I'm free to ask you to look.
Or I didn't understand from help page.