Mwan3 wiki: 21.02/DSA information

Hi all,

Just looking for feedback from anyone who happens to be using mwan3 on 21.02 with a router that uses DSA, rather than swconfig. Some of the information for the mwan3 wiki describes VLAN configuration that's specific to swconfig and not DSA.

I've temporarily put a disclaimer on this point but longer term the wiki needs to be updated. I'm hoping it can be updated to be DSA aware at some point in the future. I'm currently running 19.07 on a WRT3200ACM. I plan to to potentially clean install and move to 21.02.2 (when officially released) due to wireless specific fixes for mwlwifi but I don't want to run a snapshot build on my live network currently and don't have another router suitable for mwan3 testing.

I haven't tested mwan3/DSA myself but when I do I'll be documenting and looking to add DSA related areas for others, but for anyone who has jumped to 21.02 already, uses mwan3 and using a router with DSA, it would be great to get your feedback for helping update swconfig specific areas to have DSA counterparts. I'd envisage the wiki will need both swconfig and DSA networking examples for a while due to not all targets using DSA at this time, so it is possible mwan3 could be used under both switch management setups.

Thanks for anyone who can contribute!

I've now recently migrated to 21.02.2 and performed the DSA conversion for my original swconfig setup.

I had now added the DSA way of creating additional WAN interfaces by removing the LAN port from the br-lan bridge and using VLAN 802.1q. I'm new to DSA generally so any improvements to the steps on the mwan3 documentation is welcome!

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