Mwan3 src_ip rules are not working

Here are configs and rules:
wan is LTE and wan2 VDSL

I want to use wan2_only on some computers so i created this rule:
config rule 'pref_vdsl_harrier'
option proto 'all'
option sticky '0'
option use_policy 'wan2_only'
option src_ip '' is static IP of my computer, router is
If i visit i see LTE IP there, but if i create wan2_only rule with dest_ip domain "" i see VDSL IP there so this is working.

Any idea what i'm doing wrong? Thanks

I got the same problem. i would like to separte the games from load balancing. but it seems the ports are not working on wan2_only. it is redirecting to my load_balance policy instead.