Mwan3 Rules auto Change every day ? possible

Hi everyone. I was wondering if this is possible?
I have 3 wan connection in my mwan3 setup
I have the policies as following
escalonado123 : wan_m1_w4, wan2_m2_w4, wan3_m3_w4
escalonado321 wan3_m1_w4, wan2_m2_w4 and wan_m3_w4
escalonado231: wan2_m1_w4, wan3_m2_w4 and wan_m3_w4
only one rule for all connections so I want to change the rule by time

i want to change automatic the rule every day
Monday = escalonado123
Tuesday = escalonado321
Wednesday = escalonado231
Thursday = escalonado123,
Friday = escalonado321
Saturday = escalonado231
Sunday = escalonado123

note: i dont want to use loadbalance but this

thanks so much

The configuration and rules are here: /etc/config/mwan3 - you could schedule your rules with crontab.
Scripting a copy command shouldn't be that hard. Having a set of conffiles prepared and copy the right one to the right time over like

cp /myStuff/mwan3/escalando123 /etc/config/mwan3 && /etc/init.d/mwan3 restart

are you familiar with cli commands? I do not know if there is a gui scheduler available, although there is 'wifi schedule' as an luci-app, so I can see a adaptabel template in it :wink:


thanks so much. but I dont know about scripting in order to use cron in openwrt, thanks for your help....

Please see:
Also, you can using Scheduled Tasks in luci gui.


thanks so much