Mwan3 ping checks fail while normal pings work

I have a DSL and cable connection, each of which has their own router, running to a turris omni openwrt router running the mwan3 2.8.15-1

I have ping checks configured for the first hop in the ISPs networks.

I have two windows open where I am doing ping -n -i for each of the two links.

I am experiencing a significant number of mwan3 ping check failures while the manual pings are not showing any problem (and are showing ping times <20ms while timeouts are set to 3-4 seconds in the man3 config)

I am also seeing that when the cable connection fails, I also start seeing a very high volume of failure on the DSL mwan3 pings (enough that the DSL link gets marked down as well), I even configured the DSL to ping both the local router and the first hop at the ISP, both fail consistently. During this failure, the manual ping keeps working

any suggestions?

I just dug into the source and it looks like the ping command does not use -n (disable DNS lookups), so the failing DNS lookups could be causing this problem. I'm manually editing the file on my system to test.

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adding -n to the ping does seem to solve the problem.

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