Mwan3 is not working

Have compiled newest LEDE(SNAPSHOT, r3344-412cf4c) with mwan3,when I try to use it with luci,luci shows no output.So I used SSH to check it out,there is no output when execute "mwan3".
The console output like this:

root@Router:/tmp# mwan3
root@Router:/tmp# mwan3 status
root@Router:/tmp# mwan3 help

I have try download from lede website

root@Router:/tmp# opkg install mwan3
Installing mwan3 (2.0-3) to root...
Configuring mwan3.

Still no output at all.
So I decide to try the old version(Openwrt CC pacage),it has output.
> root@Router:/tmp# opkg install mwan3_1.6-2_all.ipk

Installing mwan3 (1.6-2) to root...
Configuring mwan3.
Collected errors:

  • resolve_conffiles: Existing conffile /etc/config/mwan3 is different from the conffile in the new package. The new conffile will be placed at /etc/config/mwan3-opkg.
    root@Router:/tmp# mwan3
    Syntax: mwan3 [command]

Available commands:
start Load iptables rules, ip rules and ip routes
stop Unload iptables rules, ip rules and ip routes
restart Reload iptables rules, ip rules and ip routes
ifup Load rules and routes for specific interface
ifdown Unload rules and routes for specific interface
interfaces Show interfaces status
policies Show policies status
rules Show rules status
status Show all status


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Cost me some times find that is because of the ipv6.I have disabled ipv6 when I was compiling.

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Seem's to be the same issue. After looking at /usr/sbin/mwan3 I found out a bunch of different exit codes.

mwan3; echo $?;

had given me 4, so apperently mwan3 failed to run ip command at /usr/bin/ip, so I've just symlinked it from /usr/sbin/ip and now everything works as expected.

specifically, i got not output because it did not find ip6tables (i also compiled without ip6 support)

opkg install ip6tables