Mwan3 failover, bandwidth limit per ip, nftables

Hi, I have a Newifi router running with openwrt 19.07.4.
I installed MWAN3 software to configure a Dual-WAN FAILOVER from WAN to WAN2

I also installed NFTABLES software to configure BANDWIDTH LIMIT PER IP.

Now here's the catch and also my problem,

  • I want the WAN to perform at full speed of bandwidth which doesn't have any problem in my experience :white_check_mark:

-I want to configure the WAN2 with BANDWIDTH LIMIT PER IP when WAN lost its connection.

Now, when I configure BANDWIDTH LIMIT PER IP on NFTABLES it applies to WAN and WAN2 which is a pain in the *ss :expressionless:

My question is. Is there a way that NFTABLES applies only to WAN2 for BANDWIDTH LIMIT PER IP while WAN is in full-speed?

Please excuse my grammar.