MWAN3 Configuring?

With everything working for me now , I have one more thing to do

I have a WRT3200ACM , with just 2.4 and 5g wifi going with Wireguard..

I need protection , if Wireguard goes out I need traffic to go back to normal

internet that my wife still stays on for work

I've read that mwan3 can d that but YT videos are too confusing...

Can anyone here give simple steps that a 10 year old can do?


Not exactly what you want but I use multiple wireguard tunnels and if one tunnel fails the next one is started so that I am "never" without a connection.

Sounds like a plan...thxs
Just gotta figure how to do this..
I am a big time noob with this....

Need help here ...
can't write code or where to put it
Can only do Web GUI things...
Step by step?

For the wireguard watchdog script you need to use the commandline as outlined in the instructions.
If you cannot do that then I am afraid this solution is not feasible for you

thank you..
I'll keep at it

Got into router...

Is my next step to copy and paste these codes?

Then edit Wireguard names?


PS....What does this package do?