Mwan3 at OWT >=19

Hi all,
I have the following issue using mwan3.

At kernel log i see

[ 2226.884727] MWAN3(all)IN=mesh OUT= MAC=00:01:ad:12:01:1e:fa:fe:ac:10:00:16:08:00 SRC= DST= LEN=61 TOS=0x16 PREC=0xE0 TTL=64 ID=54201 DF PROTO=UDP SPT=55354 DPT=53 LEN=41 

OUT is blank and I want to ask if this is usual behaviour as no packets reach
I have advanced setup where node in mesh net reaches nexthop node and gets internet. Without mwan3 it works.. after running mwan3 on internet-connected node the packets go to "OUT=" and they are dropped for the non-internet-connected node. Ideally the assigned policy would be the main routing table since I already know that without mwan3 it works, but this seems to be the bug.
I've set correctly mwan3 to use the main routing table (from the dropdown option at rules) if source ip is the non-internet connected mesh node ip but yet nothing happens.
I wish that the non-internet connected mesh node just bypasses the mwan3 of the internet-connected node, as mwan3 is needed only for the internet-connected node interfaces to do loadbalancing.

Openwrt 19.07 is very old and long since eol. It is. I longer supported, and shouldn’t be used on the internet because of many known security vulnerabilities.


I've placed the >= which means equal or greater than 19.07 so the OWT version doesn't matter.
I've found out the problem and it is totally regarding mwan3 !
I had to use the custom scripting tab.

You dont get custom scripting tabs or iptables logs from v22 ie on any supported version

You are here to troll ain't ya ?

Install supported version, that script is long gone.

OpenWrt 22.03 EOL in April 2024

Long gone ? Like 12 days ago for the support.
But I bet it is the same for v23 because that's mwan, and i remind that the question was for mwan.
The scripting part was workaround.

Frankly no idea what you are trying to achieve. Log says incoming packet, not yet routed. If you need help with EOL version you need to state a problem, not throw a normal operation log entry. If you have problem with upgrading well at least name the device.
version 22 includes firewall4, nftables, so you are not mentioning your local customisations.