Mwan3 and vpn-policy-based routing for wan and wwan


I successfully set up an tiny travel router (WLR 755 / WL-WN577A2) to access my home network via openvpn or wireguard. The tiny router has 2 radios and multiple SSIDs to separate the vpn networks, wan is used for outbound traffic.

Now I finally want to set up a similar device for its original purpose: a travel router. My idea is to connect the device via WAN port or the 2-4 GHz radio (that should be standard with every hotel worldwide, any time after COVID). Then I want to have networks from my 5.0 GHz radio that use local network or bring up a vpn network.

I can explain to the a normal user how to navigate to the wireless settings page and how to set up the wireless connection, but normal users won't be able to refigure the connections to a different wan setting. Unfortunately I was not able to fully understand mwan3 explanation in full detail but hope this is the right way. It is just for convenience, but nevertheless an interesting challenge.

Who can describe what to do here?



OK, I managed to set up MWAN members and assign the new member to policies by "cloning" settings from wan to wwan.

It works as it should.

However, if I later diable the wifi connection oder wan connection, I have to reboot the device to get everything working (restart VBR, MWAN...) - any trick to enforece this automatically?



It's better not to use mwan3 and vpn-policy-routing together, as they accomplish the same thing in similar way. Pick one and stick to that, otherwise you will have conflicts.

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