Mwan3 and two openvpn connections for mwan3 VPN failover

I am curious, I have two openvpn connections using a commercial VPN (IPVanish) and mwan3. I have configured my openvpn connections and they are showing as connected.

When I use MWAN3 for either VPN_only or VPNb_only policy in one of my rules, I can see the proper connection to the endpoint for the VPN city that was chosen.

However, if I try to do a failover (VPN_VPNb failover or VPNb_VPN failover), the connection defaults to the city of the VPNb and the network that VPNb should be traversing (Starlink internet service). I am confused why this happens and if anyone has any guidance. For the record, my wan_wanb failover works properly, so I am confused why this only happens with the VPN connections.

Edit: figured it out. My balance policy name was longer than 15 characters and being ignored by mwan3. Doh.