Mwan3 and Maximum number of concurrent DNS queries reached

There will always be a short disconnect in case of interface failure, because mwan3 needs some time (lost pings) to decide, when to take action. I suspect, that this time period might be shorter in case of load sharing, but I have no real experience in this, using mwan3 only for failover.

Very good, thank you. I may reconsider going back to https-dns-proxy now.

Is this forum great or what?? :slight_smile: It often happens that helping a fellow OpenWrt user I end up learning something very useful for myself.

After some days of use I can confirm that stubby+standard mwan3 check time works flawlessy. Thanks to Grifo for the idea and Reinerotto for the technical explanation.
I still think that the mwan3 wiki should mention the possibile problems/interaction with DNS encryption.

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