Mwan3 and I'm confused!

I've been a long time openwrt user but this is my first time trying to configure mwan3 and I'm sooooo confused!

I'm trying to use two tethered LTE connections. One is tmobile through easy tether (usb) and one is USB tethering through verizon. Both work fine on their own and appear to work close to correctly on mwan3. But not quite. My goal is that while traveling in my RV I will use whatever connection is available (or balanced if they are both available.)

First issue. I have lots of IPv6 confusion. I configured a second interface for each device for IPv6 -- but easytether doesn't seem to support IPv6 so that interface is always disabled. I also cannot set a metric for the IPv6 interfaces so I always have this warning at the top of my mwan3 configuration:

WARNING: Interface VZW6 has no default route in the main routing table
WARNING: Interface EZTMB6 has no default route in the main routing table

Also -- one of my rules prefers wwan if connected -- do I need to set up another interface with IPv6 for the wireless lan? I know this is being worked on but the documentation is very confusion about this.

2nd issue: I would expect with my config that both interfaces would be utilized when doing something like streaming youtube. That doesn't seem to be the case. It will use one interface until that interface (#1) fails and then rolls over to the other interface. If interface #1 comes back up, it doesn't begin to balance but continues to stream on interface #2 until that fails -- I've yet to see it utilize both connections consecutively and I have disabled any "sticky" settings.

Don't configure an IPv6 interface if the connection doesn't support it.

I don't quite understand the question. However mwan with multiple ipv6 is tricky, as you are not doing nat and the source IP of the packet must be respected.

This is the expected behavior. You'll see a speed increase in applications which utilize multiple connections, such as download-managers and torrents.


I'd prefer to just disable ipv6 then until it's ready - what's the best way to do that?

But youtube/netflix/plex all utilize multiple connections -- I can watch developer options in my browser and these web-apps are making a series of requests but I'm not seeing them spread across my multiple active connections.

There is no need to disable it. If you have only one ipv6 interface then only this will be used. If it fails then there is nothing mwan3 could do.

Could you show us that?

Streaming Netflix...... (all bandwidth being delivered from EasyTether Interface)

Streaming Plex.....

Streaming Youtube (same...)

For giggles I reloaded Youtube until it was coming in from the usb0 adapter -- same behavior (not balanced) once it started the streams:

From what I can see in the first 2 pictures the initiator is the same everywhere.
In the third it is not clear, in the fourth it looks again that all of the playbacks use the same ip:port.
Mwan3 will treat packets belonging to the same flow in the same way, otherwise it would break the connection.

Got it. Would OpenMPTCP (potentally) be a better solution for what I'm trying to accomplish?

I have not used it so I cannot say.