MWAN3 and access to Internet

I am trying to setup a loadbalance between my 2 ISPs, so i thought to use MWAN3 in my router. Once i install package opkg install luci-app-mwan3 mwan3 i am loosing internet access.

How do i fix that please?

By setting up mwan...have you ready the wiki?

Setup parameters properly.

This is the exact guide that i followed. Once i install mwan, i am loosing Internet access.

I had problems with mwan3 before like randomly losing connection. That's why i stopped using it.

Any other suggestions to use Openwrt for loadbalancing 2 Internet connections, please?

mwan3 again.

At minimum:

  1. Configure the WAN interfaces you want to balance from Network->Interaces in Network->MultiWAN Manager->Interface.
  2. Add two members in Network->MultiWAN Manager->Member, e.g. wan_m1_w1 and wanb_m1_w1. Point these to the 2 interfaces you configured in step 1.
  3. Add a policy called balanced, have this use member wan_m1_w1, wanb_m1_w1.
  4. Set up a default rule in Network->MultiWAN Manager->Rules, default_rule_v4. Set destination address to, Sticky Yes, Policy assigned, balanced.

Reboot your device just in case your previous attempts left a mess.

Share screenshots or your config if it doesn't work.